Death  Valley Paintball

- Where your friends are dying to shoot you -



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Try this link for a video of some of our fields:



Our Valley RV Field

Located at the bottom of our valley is a gutted RV, lots of pallets and bush for cover. A very large field with very green thick trees. A very nice place to take a hit.

The Light Speed Field

This is a very unique electronic field with lots of options. For 2 or 3 teams. There are three light poles on the field with an amber and a red light on each one and three buttons at the bottom of each pole. The object of the game is to see which team can turn all the lights red or amber or out. The first team to do this without getting everyone killed in 5, 10 or 15 minutes wins the game. There are a few other situations that this game has to offer. Great field!

Trench Warfare Field. 

Join our forces to battle in the trenches. We have nearly 2000 feet of 3 foot deep trenches with a  2 foot berm. With 4 outposts this is a very challenging Field. From a central covered outpost you can cover most of the trenches, but the trenches are joined and provide lots of cover.


The 100 foot Hell Hill

Cut into the side of the valley is a path 12 feet wide at the top, 30 feet wide at the bottom, with a vertical height of 100ft. Is it even possible for 20 guys at the bottom to take the 2 or 3 guys at the top, without any cover??

Area 51.5

Area 51.50 Field      AKA- Hell's Half Acre

Area 51 because this field contains a UFO crash site. With over 50 Autos and tires this field is a challenge. The object of the game is to retrieve a medical kit from a neutral corner and put this kit in an ambulance. Only after this is done can you collect the body from the UFO crash site and take it to the waiting ambulance. This is a very large field with room for up to 50 players.

Slaughter house

Slaughter house

A 2100 sq-ft 2 bedroom house layout including car and garage and other furniture. Can you and a team raid the house and eliminate all the people held up inside without getting hit.

Fully automated Target range

Practice your shooting in an enclosed area with 15 pop up targets both enemy and civilian. Shoot a civilian and affect your time. Compare your times with other players and try to get on to our top 10 all time scores.